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Thank you for patience and understanding for any delay in your delivery. We try our best to process all orders and deliver your food hot and delicious to you as quick as we can. We greatly appreciate for your time and support.

We are delivering your food to your door in 45-60 minutes or less. Also you can collect from our restaurant in 15-30 minutes or less.

About Us

Laz Tadim ‘The Taste of Eastern Black Sea’ has been serving its customers since 2014 under the supervision of its Proprietor, who was born at Rize, The Heart of Eastern Black Sea. His extended experience of many years in the sector, combined with his attention to detail and caring approach brings the excellence to its customers at Laz Tadim.






COVID - 19


We care about our customers and staff. In order to keep our environment safe and hygienic,

we regularly disinfect our restaurant and keep up with current COVID-19 regulations.





A large disc of dough, covered with tomato paste, then either grated cheese or pieces of mozzarella cheese, followed by your selection of toppings from our menu.

Fish and Chips

Fried, batter-coated fillets of fish served with our home made traditional chunky chips.

Doner Kebab

Meat, chicken/lamb, cooked on a vertical rotisserie, served with our homemade bread and selection of salad/sauces from our menu.


Pieces of marinated meat, threaded onto skewers and grilled over charcoal, served with our homemade bread and selection of salad/sauces from our menu


Our homemade bread, cooked in stoneoven is one of the best selling items of our Menu


Chargrilled minced meat which has been shaped into a flat circle, served in a bread roll with your choice of salad and sauce selection from our menu.